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Some 470 bird species are found in Norway, and out of these, about 260 breed in Norway regulary. Due to our long coast line, northern latitude and diverse countryside, we are blessed with a mixture of birds of eastern, western and arctic origin – breeding, migrating and wintering.

Despite a wild and inhospitable landscape, the infrastructure and roads of Norway are quite well developed. The most remote regions, deep forests or mountains of high altitudes, can be reached by car.

Northern Birding`s main birding area is in the middle of the country, and may be considered as a Norway in miniature. It is located in the easternmost parts of the Trondheimsfjord. Here our coast, wetlands, coniferous forests, agricultural landscapes and mountains come together into a mosaic of habitats.

This wide range of habitat types reflects the diverse avifauna presented in the Mid-Norwegian countryside. The Hazel Hens and Pygmy Owls raise their youngs in close vicinity to marine species like Common Eiders and White-tailed Eagles. Lakes forming the breeding grounds of Slavonian Grebes, Divers and Cranes are surrounded by forests that accommodate Tengmalm’s Owls, Black Woodpeckers, Three-toed Woodpeckers and Capercaillies all year round. In low alpine forests Siberian Jays and Northern Hawk Owls reside in temperatures dropping to 30 degrees below zero, whereas Willow Ptarmigans, Rock Ptarmigans and Gyr Falcons inhabit the snowy regions well above the tree-limit throughout the four seasons. In a few of our broad-leaved forests seven woodpecker species may still be seen in one day, the rare and red-listed White-backed Woodpecker included.

In short; Northern Birding is outstanding birding. We are here to help you discovering it. 

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